Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Manston update, a watercolour sketch of Ramsgate and advice to young people from the bookshop.

I had breakfast 8 to 9 am and lunch 12 to 1 at Ship Shape café which is at Ramsgate Harbour arches, while I was there I started a watercolour sketch looking southwest i.e. with the sun mostly behind me.

Very reasonable café prices, the toast, marmalade and cup of tea was £2 and the all day breakfast £4.

Here is the watercolour sketch so far and below the photos I took to record this in chronological order.

On the Manston front the update relates to the new material that has appeared today on the TDC planning website at https://planning.thanet.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=O5Z2F2QE00300 before you go there it is as well to note that the website is unpredictable and often pages won’t open. Patience is the key here.

This information relates to the site owner, Discovery Park’s application for a mixed use development to provide housing and employment.

This new information is responses from members of the public and other interested parties to the planning application (you can submit a response to this application using the council’s website) responses so far either support the application are against the application or are neutral.  

The aspect of this that I don’t understand is that while some of the applications have the respondents name and the beginning of their address redacted. Others just say this information isn’t available.

This is an example.

With tdc planning applications anyone can support or object to them, they don’t have to be Thanet council taxpayers or Thanet residents, but what concerns me is more here is that if the council don’t have a name and address for respondents it may be possible for some people to object to support the application multiple times. This tdc planning website is a new one and the way online responses are now handled is different to the old one.

On the bookshop front I have spent the last two days processing books that I have bought for stock in my bookshop, I think my bookshop is fairly unique inasmuch as we publish details about what we are up to on the internet. One of us takes pictures of all of the books after we have priced them and before we put them on the shelves and we publish these pictures online at the end of every working day here http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/

As a bookshop we have a fairly broad price structure, in the last couple of weeks the cheapest book I have sold in the shop was 5p and the dearest £1,000.

Today the cheapest book I priced was 5p

This is a picture of all today's reject books that we will sell for either 5p or 10p or they will go off for paper recycling.

The dearest book I priced today was £95 (pictures below) about tools

The dearest novel this one, like Noddy early PG Wodehouse is identified by the books on flaps of the dustjacket, I think this one will be about £50.

The crazy ones the two very large children’s books, too big to go on our shelves, so on the table in the children’s section.   

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