Sunday, 22 October 2017

A few old pictures of Ramsgate Harbour, possible ramble.

Clicking compulsively, tapping and spreading et al will expand the pictures, I hope.
 Lots of reaction to the post about the new exhibition at Turner Contemporary that I put up yesterday, as ever the post goes on blogger where the pictures and related text goes and the comment goes on the Facebook groups that I link to.
 I found it interesting that all of the comment was about Tracey Emin's bed and nothing about the the works of JWM Turner or Jean Arp. It would seem that love it or hate it it is the bed that is the crowd puller and that will help the local economy.
 Yesterday, Saturday ,that is, was a busy day in the bookshop and a lot of books went out on the shelves, here is the link to the pictures of them
 I have been dragged kicking and screaming into using a newer version of MS Office, 365 Pro Plus, now installed on my laptop. All change is terrible, but this is worse than most, so please excuse any Worpos or whatever they are called.

I am tentatively wondering about “Explore new Word training” but think I may give it a miss. 
 It's what equates to half term this week, so I am expecting a fairly busy week.

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