Sunday, 15 October 2017

Art rewriting history, the return of the physical book, some sort of Sunday ramble

First a couple of pictures of Ramsgate Marina Swimming Pool
 With old photos, for the most part they appear here because either me or someone else identifies them as Ramsgate or Thanet and they arrive on the internet. Looking at the photo above, going through a box of old photos, not everyone would immediately identify this as Ramsgate.

 Whereas this one I think is easier.

Paintings are much more difficult as yesterday's post click on this link if you missed it  show, what? Different truths, lies I don't really know, art perhaps

Now this weekend my choices were between art and art, yesterday morning I could have jumped in the car and gone to Margate where the main attraction at the new exhibition at Turner Contemporary is Tracey Emin’s bed. However I became interested in the 8.58 bus that goes from Leopold Street in Ramsgate and arrives in Canterbury at 10.06, this is the one that goes via Sandwich, that I hadn’t previously known about, the temptation for me was painting in Canterbury and the idea of looking at this route from the top of a bus tipped the scales.      

Looking at someone else’s mobile phone photos from the top of a bus is going to be a bit like watching paint dry, you have been warned, here is the link  

The main watercolour painting I have on the go at the moment is of  St Anslim’s chapel in Canterbury Cathedral, to do this I go to the cathedral, sit in the chapel and paint what I see.

When I have finished painting I take a few photos and then toddle off for a cuppa.

An alternative approach could I suppose be writing 1717, 1817 or 1917 on the picture and I think a lot of people would be hard pressed to contradict the dates. I am not sure if all of the paints would have been around in 1717, some of the tubes have old money prices on them. Most of the paint in this one is ochre and ground burnt bones, I guess I could have used wode for the blue.

Of yesterday's paintings I think this is the one that worries me the most in terms of rewriting history
particularly as the mast looks like a bit of tree, there is something of Victorian romanticism here although I think the scene is supposed to be something of the 1600s.

Here is the link to the content of my camera card photos today and yesterday

And here is the one to the photos of the books that went out in the bookshop on Saturday  

Then the book, this article in the Wall Street Journal


  1. Michael with ref. to the painting above. I've been looking on the web & came across a type of sailing rig that could be the one depicted in the painting. It is known as 'Crab claw rig', a type of triangular sail (similar to a 'Lateen'), but this has curved spars & the leach concave, hence it's appearance of a crabs claw. I have no idea if vessels on our coast used this type of rig. Any thoughts?

  2. I think that would be a traditional Polynesian rig David, so makes about as much sense as the hull shape Norwegian cog i.e. Cross section derived from a cog wheel


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