Saturday, 28 October 2017

Looking down on old Ramsgate

While this picture should expand when you click on it, I am endeavouring to force the rest a bit size wise, so they probably won’t.
 These are parts of the bigger picture at the top
 one thing about old photos is that some of them are contact prints.
To those of you who have never played about in the darkroom, this means that the negative film from the camera was the same size as the photo and instead of using an enlarger the film was just put on top of the photographic paper and exposed to light.

  This is from a different picture, but this means you can blow up little bits of the picture like an early crime investigator. 

With the pre digital photography you don’t have pixels to contend with but stuff called emulsion, which is a bit like little light sensitive particles in jelly, so when you enlarge pictures you get fuzzy edges.    

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