Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Old local pictures, minor ramble

Click on the pictures to make them expand, some are more expandable than others probably because I pressed different buttons during the scanning process, mostly Ramsgate as you would expect.
 After yesterday’s post I found myself back in the business of trying to communicate with TDC about Pleasurama. I think part of the problem is that Ramsgate needs a strong and consistent advocate backed by some Ramsgate based organisation to get a fair deal for Ramsgate from the various levels of government.       
 Over the past thirty years I have had the bookshop in the town I have seen a few likely organisations get going and then flounder. We even went as far as getting a town council, but in that time the main issue, the Pleasurama site hasn’t been resolved and the secondary big one Westcliff Hall hasn’t either.
 The pavilion seemed to be solved almost against council wishes. This picture would be before 1900, the tower on the Granville was lowered in 1900 the structures on the left where the pavilion is now were destroyed in the 1897 storm.
Early picture of the pavilion worth expanding 1904 was its first or second year.

 Photos from the last couple of days next 

A new shop in Ramsgate High Street

I wonder if the scaffolding on the old £1 shop site means anything

To let two units at around £1,500 per week each, I wonder does the STP stand for serenity tranquillity and peace, probably not.

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