Thursday, 14 December 2017

Old Thanet pictures, visit to Canterbury, Herne Bay etc.

My day off today which started book buying in Herne Bay

so took the inevitable photos

on to Canterbury
I aim to be back to making bookshelves in the bookshop tomorrow.

much easier than adjusting the spikes on cathedrals I expect.

Here is the link to the books that went out yesterday

my phone camera seems to be having the blues, tried factory reset yesterday, so it's looking like a replacement phone any suggestions for cheap Android phones with reasonable cameras?
Interesting knitted Christmas decorations on pillar boxes, perhaps crochet, anyway some form of granny graffiti, something I enjoy.


  1. I have had a couple of Chinese phones but the best Chinese phone lists now seem to be phones in the £400 plus range. My last one was a BLuBoo Xtouch which was well made for £110 and although not exceptional was adequate for my needs. But I dropped it and the screen cracked! So I took the plunge and bought a Galaxy S7 and a case so hopefully it will last me for years and maybe in the long run this will be economical as I use the GiffGaff provider.
    There are a couple of phones at a reasonable price that have taken my eye, the Bluboo S8 (about £110-£140) and the Leagoo S8 Pro at about £200. these are copies to the Sansung Galaxy S8.

  2. Cranforduk I have had an internet phone of some sort since they came out, the last expensive one being the Galaxy Note 1 the main problems it had was the preinstalled bloatware and poor battery life.

    My biggest issue up to my current phone has been battery life on days when I go out painting and tend to upload photos, write internet posts transfer files from dslr and bridge camera, my current phone Oukitel k6000 pro has been the best all round so far, the main snag being weak sound during phone calls and pretty average camera.

    Now after just over a year it’s on it’s last legs but I will probably get another one because the battery lasts all day.

  3. What you needs is a Portable Power Bank 5000mAh.
    If you want to take a punt on a phone - Ulefone Gemini Pro 4G Phablet - 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 3600mAh battery from GearBest. £143 in black, £62 in red! It has the Sony IMX258 dual camera found on many of the chinese phones.

  4. Gone for a Motorola Moto G4 cranforduk and will see how it goes but it looks to be a reasonable compromise


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