Wednesday, 2 September 2009

1906 map of Thanet

Click on the image of the map to enlarge it. OK that didn’t work too well as blogger resized the image so click on the link to enlarge instead

Finally a proper job of this one, maps are one of the most difficult things to reproduce with enough detail to be really useful tools for the historian.

I have also added some pictures of Thanet from about the same date from the book I publish “Ramsgate & Broadstairs By Camera & Pen 1904–5” click on this link to look at them you can also click on the next link to buy it and look at even more pictures from it.
I have also published the map of Ramsgate from “Ramsgate New Holiday Recipe Book 1939” another book I publish click on this link for sample pages and this one for the map


  1. I can see Ramsgate but I cannot see an airport. Does that mean the town was there before the airport?

  2. 11.06 Ramsgate airport, not at Manston opened in the 1930s construction of Manston as a military airfield started in 1915, Manston was not used for commercial aircraft until 1959 I will add a link to another map to this post to help clarify this issue.

  3. I can see my house, and it has planning permission, which is more than the airport has got.

    Some have asked recently what on earth we would with the land if we got rid of the airport. Well, Ramsgate Aerodrome is now a bustling light industrial estate employing thousands of local people with out waking anyone up in the middle of the night!

  4. JP I think the key to any further development at Manston really hinges on the situation with regard to replenishing the underground water reservoir, since I first became interested in this more demand has been put on our water reserves.

    The amount we can concrete over this reservoir is finite, it looks as though a combination of Thanet Earth, China Gateway and an expanded airport will exceed this amount.

    This combined with the increased cost of the measures that need to be put in place and maintained to comply with basic safety issues, see as an example of what I mean, makes me wonder if Manston will ever make a viable airport.

  5. What upset me looking at the 1939 map was all the amenities we had to offer tourists then - where are they now?????????????

  6. 15.51 I think at some time the council got it into their heads that Margate was Thanet’s main leisure town and that Ramsgate was a sort of port and industrial centre, the result of this is that they put nearly all of their leisure resources into Margate.

    The problem for them and for us is that it is Ramsgate that is expanding as a tourist destination not Margate, personally I think for any recovery to happen in Margate now it will have to be on the back of a thriving Ramsgate.

    At the moment holding all of the major council funded events in Margate where there are no longer many local businesses to feed the money spent by tourists back into the economy means that most of this money leaves Thanet.

  7. I believe there was also an airport in Westgate...

  8. Refreshing to see that Westwood Cross started it's life as an Infectious Disease Hospital, so not too much has changed there!

    Cool map, though.
    Do you have copies on sale in your shop?

  9. The reason I coined the phrase "Westwood Triangle" Lucy.

    Thor, Sericol, former isolation hospital.

    Mercury/mixed solvents, Cyclohexanone and Anthrax burials.

    As far as I know TDC has not yet explained whether it checked the wrong lifeboat records as part of the planning consents for Westwood Cross.

    I think it was about 1912 the Margate lifeboat brought in sick crewmen from a merchant ship carrying cattle hides.

    The men are said to have died at Haine and been buried within the grounds of the isolation hospital.

    I think other areas, with such a history, only consent for car parks to be built over such burials so there is no groundwork disturbance.

    The plague pit (Poor Hole Lane) appears to stop being a danger over time or it would be the Westwood quadrangle. Although the effect of drawing back huge quantities of water at Sericol just opposite ??

    This is Thanet ... drink the ale but not the water

  10. The sailors could have died from melanomas, which, as I'm given to understand, are a possible side effect of the tanning process!

    Couldn't agree more about drinking the ale, though. Albeit for a different set of reasons.

    Umm, so, are copies of the map available to buy, Michael?
    If you make me come into the shop and ask, and then tell me no, I will make quite a fuss! x

  11. The sailors became ill. The council wanted to defend the seaside resort trade. The deaths occurred in the timescale of anthrax.

    If they had died of melanoma then they would have been buried in a cemetery and not in sealled caskets within the grounds of the hospital.

    I think the history shows that when demolition occurred (I think it was in 1920s) the method used was fire and destroy. Rather than disturb the ground.

    I would think Margate Historical Society may know the true facts. I am merely recounting the history as I heard it.

    The point being Lucy that there is a compelling case for TDC to investigate and provide answers.

    Hypothesis (such as it may have been melanoma) is not such an answer. Attractive thought it may be to try to pose a possible rebuttal.

    I recall your comments some time ago about me being mad enough to believe what I write about to be true ?

    Well the sudden death case (Involving Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder) is now lodged with the Catholic authority to oppose sainthood for Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder should a cause be raised.

    Because of the Vatican ratlines aspect of the case copies of the sworn affidavits and sworn exhinit report are now available free to Jewish library resources. I have been in contact with the Simon Wiesnthal organisation for some years.

    The 6th Thanet Gun Range live fire paramilitary training I think I have brought the case home.

    Thor and Sericol aquifer contaminations QED

    Deal Barracks bombing 1989. I have now linked the security warnings to the matters of 6th Thanet gun range and raised inquiry why the warnings were omitted from the Admiralty Board of Inquiry report re the 22.9.89 bombing

    Lucy little people will always take cheap shots.

    In the above matters you guessed that I was wrong and on that basis made your derogatory postings.

    Perhaps you now have some sort of psychological need to pose alternative explanations to my submissions.

    Since the ship was transporting cattle hides ... TO the tanners can we rule out your melanoma hypothesis at this early stage and you stick to facile commenting ?

  12. Lucy sorry I was away yesterday and have just got back, the largest I can print it out is A3 this would be inkjet and would probably fade but will do you one if you want.

  13. For the love of God and all things saintly, Rock!
    What ARE you on about?

    I know you're the type that has to ruin a joke by having to have it explained to you, but really, come on!

    Tanning, UV beds, melanoma, cow hides, tanning (also).

    So I wasn't attacking you.
    What's to attack?
    I was just having a laugh, and not even at your expense this time!

    You're such a doof, y'know!

    And thanks Michael, I may just take you up on that!

  14. Lucy have done you one on a A3 card it’s behind the till on top of the printer if I am out, no charge for small services to fellow bloggers.

  15. Why thank you Michael.
    Hopefully I'll be able to pop in and pick it up this week.


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