Thursday, 10 September 2009

12 new sites are being proposed, as part of the council’s Asset Management Plan

I noticed that no one has picked up on this one and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the disposal of these sites.

Site: Land adjacent to 39 Nelson Place, Broadstairs (Bradstowe)
Proposal: Possible development for a single house.

Site: Open surfaced site to the rear of the supermarket, Hopeville Avenue, St. Peter’s, Broadstairs (St. Peter’s)
Proposal: Either seek planning permission for a small residential development, upgrade the car park to pay and display or leave as it is now. In all cases, the toilets would be retained.

Site: Land and buildings to the south of Hartsdown Sports Centre, Hartsdown Park, Margate (excludes leisure centre) (Garlinge)
Proposal: Either do nothing, partially redevelop the vacant parts of the site or a comprehensive redevelopment of the site, with income funding improvements to the sports centre and pavilion. As part of any development, community groups would be helped to relocate.

Site: Front strip of land to Palm Bay recreation ground, Palm Bay Avenue, Cliftonville (Cliftonville East)
Proposal: Keep as recreation ground only or carry out a small residential development, which would provide money to improve the facilities at the recreation ground, including changing facilities and football pitches.

Site: Former lodge, St. John’s Cemetery, Manston Road, Margate (Salmestone)
Proposal: Retain as a storage facility or dispose for residential refurbishment.

Site: Former promenade toilets, adjacent to Seaview Terrace, Westbrook (Westbrook)
Proposal: Either retain the building in its existing condition or redevelop for residential use.

Site: Land opposite the Tudor House, King Street, Margate (Margate Central)
Proposal: Either retain the site in its existing condition or sell for residential development.

Site: Staffordshire Street car park (public parking retained), Ramsgate (Eastcliff)
Proposal: Either keep as a car park or seek a full town centre commercial redevelopment of the site, retaining and incorporating public car parking.

Site: Land on Western Undercliff, west of tunnel access, including Chine access from Royal Esplanade (Cliffsend and Pegwell)
Proposal: Either do nothing or dispose of the site, with planning consent for either residential or leisure development.

Site: Car park, site of the former swimming pool, Marina Esplanade, Ramsgate (Sir Moses Montefiore)
Proposal: Either do nothing or a mixed residential/commercial scheme with on site parking.

Site: Open space land adjoining 33 and 35 Beech Grove, Cliffsend (Cliffsend and Pegwell)
Proposal: Either retain or sell to adjoining owners for garden land.

Site: Former railway line behind numbers 2-48 Highfield Road, Ramsgate (Northwood)
Proposal: Either leave as it is, set out formal parking or dispose for residential development, with alternative parking provided and some of the money used to improve facilities on Jackey Bakers.


  1. I see that TDC are considering selling off the toilets in Westbrook (closed down years ago):

    "Former promenade toilets, adjacent to Seaview Terrace, Westbrook".

    As far as I can tell this area (adjacent to the mini golf & cafeteria) gets just as busy in the summer months as that stretch of beach in Ramsgate (where the recent toilet protest took place) does...

  2. anybody tried to park near Highfield road during the weekend when football is being played at Jackey Bakers.

  3. My grand-dad used to take me fishing down the Western Undercliff near the chines when I was younger, and I have recently started taking my 4 boys fishing there. Its the only place the lorries cannot park!

  4. Hopeville Avenue, St. Peter's crucial to the life of the village. Pay and display or residential would seriously affect the churches in the village and many local businesses as the planned extension of double yellow lines in the area have made parking increasingly difficult.

    We have a councillor who lives on the village green in Hopeville Avenue so it is hoped he'll support a campaign against this scheme.


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