Monday, 21 September 2009

Peter Checksfield starts new blog and gives me feeds trouble.

Monday mornings are never easy times to face errant internet problems, in fact it sometimes seems here that the computers that have had Sunday off have Monday morning problems of my own.

This morning I was pleased to notice that Peter Checksfield of Naked in Thanet fame had started a music blog and after a relaxing read about Jerry Lee Lewis I attempted to add it to the latest feeds on my sidebar thingy.

After several failed attempts and ever mindful of Mr Lewis’s piano flambé I had started showing the computer various bottles of inflammable solvents that I use for removing sticky labels from books.

Here is how to do it where it says “add by url” and you would expect to add you actually need to add

Oh well now to add it to as this has to be all written in Java perhaps I will leave it until later.


  1. Thanks for the plug Michael...& also the tip about adding feeds from this to other blogs! I too struggled with this.

  2. Pleasure Peter, interesting blog keep up the good work.


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