Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Thanet Vision 2030

I just spotted this on the TDC website feed click on the link to read

It’s an interesting insight into how our local government hopes to direct the future of this area.


  1. This was also featured in the local press a few months back. It's going to be a very nice place to spend my retirement if it all comes true......

  2. Vision? LOL! More like a bad trip if you ask me!

  3. What a fairytale! And what has the rest of the country been doing whilst Thanet became "boomtown UK"?
    I don`t think so.

  4. The thing with these 20 year visions is that it really doesn't matter what the authors write as they probably would have retired before it was proved to be a complete pipedream.

  5. "All of this new economic activity has provided jobs for many of the town’s previously unemployed residents, which has helped tackle deprivation in Ramsgate’s poorest neighbourhoods."

    I hate to be pessimistic but realism must be part of planning. Many of the unemployed residents are either retired, itinerant or second generation unemployed. Good luck.

  6. We are all entitled to dream, but this is propogandist justification for present poor policies. Could I have some of the substances that TDC authors are taking to write such balderdash; it would prevent me thinking of an industrialised sea-scape covered in wind farms; an industrialised landscape covered with Thanet Earth and China Gateway; a polluted aquifer; traffic grid-lock and hosts of east European and Chinese workers needing housing as Thanet's rump of 2,5000 un-employed and unemployable litter the beaches. Time to move out of Thanet methinks.

  7. More borderline-racism that's so typical of people in Thanet...

  8. What happens when it rains....Thanet's decline owes much to poor management but relatively poor (compared to the Mediterranean)weather has also played its part.

    The weather this summer in Thanet has been good and tourists I have spoken to have every intention of returning Thanet soon.

    If I ask the same question to those who stayed in the UK this summer but went west, their response is not so positive, mainly due to poor weather.

    We cant control the weather, but Thanet needs to offer more the sun doesn't shine.


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