Sunday, 18 July 2010

South East Region Beach Lifeguard Championships at Ramsgate main Sands Today

Events started at 10am and will be on all day today Sunday 18th July, sorry I only found out about this just now and rushed back from my walk to get some of the details online.

Events include; beach sprints; beach relays; cobra ski race; rescue tube rescue; beach flags; cobra rescue race; paddle board race; reel and line.
they may take a while to appear as my laptop is a bit of an antique, sorry about the bits in the camera – don’t change lenses on the beach – I will try to delete any really bad ones when I get time.
A few more pictures from this afternoon, more to follow later
Finally the last lot of pictures at
may take a while to appear
as I pointed out to several people running this event I have the original high definition files of the pictures and if any of you want any of them I will do my best for you.
Email me with the web address of the page it’s on (url starts http) approximately how far down the page it is and a description of the picture, the original picture file sizes are about 2 MB so I can’t send many by email.


  1. Get yourself an Iphone or similar Michael, that way rather than rush back from your walk, you could have sat in the sun and blogged from the battle front.

    Although to be honest its a lot quicker with a PC or Laptop.

  2. Michael I stumble on stuff and find it a week after it has been and gone and I am looking for stuff to promote I find it a little disheartening but keep going regardless or as some probably feel in spite of.

  3. I would have loved to have watched this. A great way to encourage the kids to do more. Shame I knew nothing about this till I read your blog.

  4. Tony, this is Ramsgate seafront so I could have used one of the free internet connected computers in the Belgian Café, or used my notebook at any of the cafés along harbour parade with free WiFi, but I needed to go home to get a telephoto lens as a lot of the action was taking place out at sea.

    I did have a fancy internet phone there in fact, even wrote a wml site when wap first came out, but mobile phones of any sort seem to stop working after I have been carrying them round for a couple of weeks.

    Don and 19.52 it was really the only family event on in this area today that I know of, we all spent the afternoon there and as I have eight year old twins I have fairly litmus paper (although sometimes it seems like a Davy Lamp of even a canary down a mine) to test these event out.

    I am afraid to say that I believe that this is another event the council must have known about and failed to publicise anywhere that I could find.

    If anyone else wants to take them to task about it please do, I am sick to death of chasing them over matters like this.

    Here you have a group of people, including a lot of young people doing something of great benefit to the community and frankly I would like to have seen them getting a lot more support.

  5. TDC advertise something happening in Ramsgate, you must be joking.
    If they did they would get the date and time wrong.


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