Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thanet District Council Audit Have Your Say

This is just a reminder that there is only a week left of the period where you can question the district auditor, request documents from him and make any complaints.

The link takes you to the relevant document about this

This can be useful for several reasons, as an example of what I mean, if you used the freedom of information act to request a document and failed, you may be able to get it from the auditor who has different terms of reference and so his rules for releasing documents are different to the information commissioner.

Anyway the main point here is if you think the council didn’t perform to the best value, or if you think there is something wrong with there accounts, now is your chance to ask questions and get independent answers.

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    I spoke to two of the duty wardens. They were courteous, polite and helpful. They explained that it was their duty to warn the jumpers of the danger and instruct them to stop. But they could not enforce this instruction. However, TDC believed that by this action TDC would avoid being sued. Potentially for thousands, when a jumper is injured.

    So I suppose you could argue that the hut and wardens are cost effective, But would not the cheaper option of placing warning signs have served just as well.

    The hut will only remain for the school summer holidays.

    I overheard one of the children asking the warden what he did in his hut. The warden ignored him. However, I told the child that the hut was there to take bets on who would be killed first. We had a brief conversation. He was polite. I got the impression that defying authority was all part of the excitement of jumping in the harbour.


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