Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A small midweek ramble about libel and stuff you may be better off not publishing online.

The murals at Abbots Hill are coming on a treat and jollying the town centre up so some pictures of this and the harbour in this post, they will probably expand if you click on them, they usually do.

Cllr Ian Driver has been having more confrontations with the TDC officers detailed on facebook and in the Gazette there is more to this story than meets the eye as the Gazette had published a story about the content of the documents which now has mysteriously vanished, the Gazette apparently says due to technical reasons, but I would say this is more about the grey areas surrounding what you can and can’t publish.

In this case I think not so much about libel and more about preserving the paper’s relationship with council officers, by not publishing the content of their secret documents.

Item and comments on this post removed for legal reasons.

Apparently this is information the council want to keep secret 
Then there is all the stuff about the new Manston owners that has appered on the internet, here is the Gazette article you note no link to the online information they are talking about and comments are not allowed on the news post.

I have just been through the comments here removing the links to it as frankly it looks as though it may be libellous and linking to or endorsing a libel can cost you a few thousand pounds which I would rather spend on books for my bookshop.

I guess while on the one hand we are all encouraged to add stuff to the internet, and there is nowadays a very real sense that if you haven’t contributed to the internet, the from the point of view of the future looking at this point in history, then you won’t have existed.

My guess is that when your ancestors search in the future to find out about you, if there is nothing much there then they will wonder what was wrong with you.

On the other hand the rules for what we can and cannot do are not clearly defined, this is particularly marked near the boundaries, and as humans are interested in boundaries it is a major issue.  For instance the Gazette story about Pleasurama is much more interesting because it has gone.

I would guess I try to manage this blog by using a mixture of common sense and caution but the comments can be a pain to manage, I get some rather twisted things in comments like links that say one thing and lead to another, I guess sooner or later I will make a mistake and either have to face legal action or the blog will get removed because of a legitimate complaint to Google.

As quite a lot of the blog content is used by people as a local history resource, it won’t be long before I move on to another blog site to ensure what is here stays here.  

My general take is that anything published online that isn’t endorsed by connecting to a real life person in the real world it highly suspect and endorsing such things with your real name has an element of risk.  

I may ramble on here