Monday, 20 October 2014

Short ramble about Manston and other stuff.

First it seems that the TDC Labour group has voted not to support the TDC cpo, this was reported on the Manston Pickle facebook page and was followed by one of the cabinet members enquiring how the information leaked out. The information there says this was 11 to 8 against.

Save Manston Airport Facebook page have just confirmed this: " Last week 8 Labour councillors said that when the CPO vote is taken later they will vote for the CPO, 11 Labour councilors said they will later vote to reject the CPO, some of the 11 feel they must follow the advice of the 151 officer (used to be the compliance officer),.." 

I guess this really means that the council officers and the expert advice the sought boils down to the council not being in a position to become involved in buying an airport.

Next it seems that the blog claming and the various facebook sites trying to discredit the Discovery Park people who aim to invest £1,000,000,000 in Manston creating thousands of jobs in Thanet over the next 20 years had out of date and wrong information, see

On the Pleasurama front TDC have served a high court injunction Cllr Ian Driver from disclosing some information about the issue and have tried and failed to do the same to The Isle of Thanet Gazette, see     

Bookshop wise I am busy rearranging the shop to cater for the rapidly changing demands for different types of book due to various things. I think most of this relates to the type of information that either is or isn’t easily available on the internet.

One section in the shop that has been very badly effected is the medical section, what I mean here is that up until fairly recently if either the doctor said you were suffering from some affliction that you had never heard of, you wanted to know something about the pills you had been prescribed, you developed a strange rash or you just had hypochondria; the book was really your only option. Another section that hasn’t been doing so well recently is the photography section, I think the main reason here is that most of us now have better cameras on our mobile phones than we ever had in the days of the film camera. You don’t use up film so you can take as many pictures as you like, so you don’t really need to be good at photography to take some good pictures, rather in the way that the monkey left with a typewriter for infinity will eventually type Great Expectations.

The other side of the coin is that the internet provides a great deal of free but not very in depth information, sparking peoples interest in a diversity of subjects. This combined with the change in leisure attractions moving much more towards popular and social history means this part of my bookshop needs expanding.

Recently I have notice much more demand for books about what ordinary people did in the past, so the demand for books on things like blacksmithing or rope making. Anyway I am endeavouring to make changes in the bookshop.

I am very busy at the moment and have not long finished work so I will endeavour to add to this post if i get the time.

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