Sunday, 19 October 2014

Quick pen and watercolour sketch of Ramsgate Harbour, a quick ramble and RiverOak remove aviation from their website

First the painting of Ramsgate Harbour, this was from a bench on the westcliff, not something I would have expected to get away with two third through October.
Sketched in Pitt pen first.

Two things that interested me on the blogging front, one is that they have started treating people for “internet addiction disorder” and the other that the government have changed the law and imposed a two year sentence for internet trolling.

Certainly the only thing that puts me off bothering to post here is the time I have to waste moderating comments and I look forward to blogging with this new deterrent.

The expansion of businesses in the Military Road arches is still coming on a pace.

On the Ramsgate regeneration front the main downside last week was TDC buying a large shop in an otherwise fully occupied shopping parade in Ramsgate town centre and the granting themselves planning permission to put social housing on the ground floor. Just what crime the people housed with their bedrooms next to the pavement in a street where the late night takeaways close at 4 am and the very noisy street cleaning machine is often used at 6.30 am the council didn’t say.

I really don’t know that the council could have got further from expressing the wishes of Ramsgate residents than using council funds to do damage to Ramsgate town.

An irony here is that my own shop has been so much busier recently that I just hadn’t had the time to do much to oppose the application, I was told by one of my ward councillors that it was unlikely that such a bonkers scheme would get planning consent, but there you go.      

Politically I just don’t know the answer here, we have tried petitioning for and paying extra for a town council to look after Ramsgate’s interests, we have tried voting for Labour councillors at TDC after eight years of Conservative administrations left almost every council owned public site derelict, we have UKIP councillors at KCC now and this doesn’t seem to have produced much in the way of tangible benefits for Ramsgate.

Perhaps the most unusual discovery of the day is that RiverOak the company that may be TDC’s cpo partner recently added an aviation page to their website

Well the news is that they have now removed this page, here is the link to their website now so whether this means they have now moved out of aviation, in the way they suddenly moved into it a few weeks ago is anyone’s guess.

I now have an update on this; Tony Freudmann the recently appointed managing director of RiverOak says: “RiverOak is in the process of building a new website devoted to Manston Airport. More news of this shortly.”

Incidentally does anyone know what the position a managing director would mean in an American company structure? 

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