Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blog from the bookshop some sketches of Margate, dodgy till receipts that give you cancer and anything else I can think of to ramble about.

First off I should like to stress that I don’t use thermal printing anywhere and certainly not in the till so you stand no risk of getting cancer from the bookshop’s till receipts  Granted there can be dangers in buying books, but this isn’t one of them.

I also don’t use one of those UV money checkers which I am fairly convinced can give you cancer of the retina.

My day off today and I went to Margate to look at some books, went to Turner Contemporary to look at the Jeremy Deller exhibition again, this is a bit like Chinese food, you have a meal and after a fairly short time you are hungry again.

I had a Children's Ploughmans in the gallery cafe which is a fancy cheese sandwich which costs about £5 but does give a particularly good view for sketching, although the sketches didn't come out very well so i didn't bother to colour them.   

There is also a Platform Graduate exhibition (new Kent artists) here are the pictures of their artworks

Then a sketch from the car in Margate

It was at this point that i realised I had a problem with my felt tip pen and went to Lovelys the art shop in Northdown Road where i bought a different pen.
 The one I had been using is the one in the middle, it started out like the one at the top, but the tip gets pointed making it very difficult to sketch with, I am hoping that the one at the bottom, much more expensive won't do this.

What are you reading at the moment? I am reading a book about The Great Ouse, this is a river that I once had a boat on. Well to be honest it's much more a canal, one of the most canaled river systems.

There are a few canal books on the shelf in my bookshop at the moment so I may read another.
It has a fairly large Maritime section.

I am starting to get the feel of the new felt tip I think, it's an Edding 1600 that says 01 on the end.

I also bought this
 which is the business end of a watercolour brush
I am vaguely wondering if you can repair a worn out one.

Inevitably on to Manston apparently a team from RiverOak are in Thanet and there is both an new page on their website about Manston and there isn’t

So here is the RiverOak website with no plan for Manston and here is the RiverOak new UK website with a plan for Manston and even more bizarrely here is where the new plan for Manston was yesterday

Perhaps there are now two RiverOaks in the way that there were two SFPs however what this all means is anybody’s guess. 

All of the pictures of aircraft that were on their .com site earlier in the week have gone as have all the stuff about airport on their alternative assets page.

I will ramble on here


  1. If this is what the new owners of the manston site can do why are TDC wasting money with riveroak?

  2. All it needs is an airport in easy reach and the dream is complete. And note, this is Dover District Council, not TDC.


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