Friday, 30 December 2016

Some local pictures and a ramble.

Once again some old pictures of the Thanet towns.

I think there should be New Year fireworks in Ramsgate this year, or is it next year, well Saturday night anyway. 

This year started with that sort of bang for me see

I have just about finished work for this year as although my bookshop will be open tomorrow I hope to have the day off and go painting. Ironically this will probably be in Margate, not because of the sun the amazing skies or anything like that but because the forecast is for thick cloud, this means that I can sit in Turner Contemporary Café and paint the view without the sun being in my eyes.

Blogging through the last year has changed significantly as my posts are now much more connected with Facebook. It isn’t possible for me to move my posting activity to Facebook because much of what I post is pictures and blogger handles pictures better than Facebook.

Such comment as there is now mostly happens on the local Facebook groups that I link the blog posts to, and although the viewing of my main thaneonline blog is still fairly high, with over a thousand pageviews on most days, there is hardly any publishable comment. I do of course get plenty of spam comment and by spam I mean comment trying to be related to the post but actually trying to get another message across, usually trying to get readers to buy something they don’t want.

On Facebook I usually at least try to link to We Love Ramsgate Friends of Ramsgate Seafront and Thanet Chat oh and the Rubbish one although I honestly don’t know if doing this is the best way to put the type of stuff I put online in front of the people who want to see it.

I am not really sure if putting it up on links where for the most part it is others who do the administration is either ethical or the right thin to do. I am also not sure if I should be posting to other groups and would be interested in both what administrators and readers have to say.

Of course there is also the aspect of promoting my bookshop and especially the local history that I publish, just where independent bookshops fall in the world of advertising is a bit of a grey area, it take it that it is rather like promoting an art gallery, library, museum or theatre and sort of doesn’t count.

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  1. Thanks for another year of entertaining blogs Michael.
    There are not many local bloggers left now, as they all seem to have taken the easier/lazier options of facebook, twitter and instagram.
    That's what they call progress I guess but they are not for me as I neither use nor understand them and cannot be bothered to learn 'social meedja' like these.
    Thanks too for listing my blog [onethirtysixeast] and I shall endeavour to keep on keeping on as long as I can.
    Best wishes for your future, your family and your shop.
    Colin Edwards [Margate]


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