Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Some more pictures, Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs, Garlinge, well all Thanet and a minor ramble about sketching

 The Royal Albion Hotel Ramsgate, this was the building – now demolished – that stood on the site of the building where Pizza Express is now and was purpose built to house The National Westminster Bank.

next a few pages from my sketchbook, this is the very tricky business of going out and sketching people.
 like sketching buildings from life as opposed to photographs it slowly gets better

 I was fairly happy with this one

If only people were as easy as buildings

 Have been trying the Microsoft cloud version of MS Word which is at onedrive.live.com, I already use the Google Docs cloud word processing and thought I would try the Microsoft one. 
This is difficult to explain to anyone not already using the cloud in some way, but I will have a go, I would guess it really only concerns people who take a fair amount of photographs or write a fair amount of text with their computer or phone. Obviously with the blog I do both and as I have a business and three children in full time education I am usually a bit pushed for time in conventional locations. 
The cloud helps with this – what it means is that instead of storing pictures and documents on my computer or on the memory card in my phone I store them on the internet and can access them with either my computer, tablet or phone.  
In the most basic terms it means I don’t have to find the wire to plug one thing into another, in terms of time saving it means I can write something like this partly using my phone – say in the supermarket queue or in a café, or I can take photos with my phone and access them or edit them with my computer. 
Frankly without this facility I just wouldn’t have time to write blog posts at all. 
So the "Word Online" how does it compare with Google Docs? The answer is it's better, mainly because it works better on the PC and laptop, it capitalises I puts the thingamajig in didn’t and doesn’t  

Just checking that i am right about this and Drive doesnt put the thingamajig in to stuff and capitalise i well as you see it still doesnt

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