Sunday, 2 July 2017

A couple of days wandering about with camera and brush in Canterbury and Ramsgate, some sort of ramble about life, sexist signs art and photography.

If you are hoping for something useful and informative this will probably be the wrong post for you, so better stop before you start.

After a two week spate of moving around books in my bookshop, something that has to be done as life, leisure and reading weaves around changes in and brought about by technology, I gave myself a couple of days off.

On Saturday I took the bus to Canterbury, if I take the bus it means that I can’t really buy books for my bookshop, something I had done rather a lot of on Thursday. The bus takes about the same amount of time as the car and costs about the same as taking the car, unless of course you have some sort of free pass, in which case it doesn’t cost anything.

Here is the link to some of the Canterbury photos, yesterday and today  

on the painting front

I have this one from upstairs in Chocolate Cafe, which I did a bit to.

I have this recently started one from downstairs in Chocolate Cafe, which I did some more to.

Started sketching in another one

and went into the cathedral and did a bit more to this one which is nearly finished.

I suppose an obvious question would be, why not just take a photo, or take a photo and paint the picture from the photo at home.

 I think if you were a fish with bulging eyes you could possibly see something like this without moving either your head or you eyeball.

The Beaney is Canterbury's library art gallery and museum.
Eyeballing the Beaney, ars longa vita brevis, doesn’t actually mean, I have a long bottom so have sat down, but, art is long and life is short. So that's OK.

 and scientia veritatis imago, doesn't mean, imagine playing with matches, but, knowledge of the image, which I take to mean, learn about pictures, seems reasonable.
 For the education of working men, well this seems a bit dodgy to me. After all this building went up in around 1900 perhaps they thought it inadvisable to educate women. I should point out here that both of the statures above seem to be of people of the female persuasion, ars longa and scientia veritatis wiht the plate and the pot, perhaps they were washing up but it does look to me as thought they were doing the learning.

Here are the links to the Ramsgate photos and

For the dedicated bibliophiles, here are the pictures of the books that went out in the bookshop on Saturday  

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