Saturday, 15 July 2017

Thanet the North Foreland, Minster, the Deer Legend and so on from the 1864 Ramsgate and Broadstairs guide.

By 1864 the railways had become the way to get around in Thanet, Ramsgate Sands Station opened in 1860 so both Ramsgate and Margate had competing railway companies.

In terms of coming down to holiday from London, there was a choice between the railway companies and the paddle steamers, once here excursions by train and boat formed part of the holiday experience.

After the post the other day using the 1866 Railway guide for Margate and Herne Bay I have moved on to the 1864 one for Ramsgate and Broadstairs. To be perfectly honest we are entertaining this evening and having cooked for the ten of us here, the majority of which are young, three of us who work and the other seven in full time education, three of us have retired to the living room leaving those suffering from youth to get on with stuff.

The guide seemed an appropriate diversion, we do a cheap reprint, here is the link if you are thinking of buying originals of this type of guide the card cover is the scarcest bit, with ones that have been bound often together without covers worth much less.

The next scarcest bit is the folding coloured picture at the front (frontispiece)

The sample pages for this one worked OK, see and I seem to have got to the bit around Minster, so here are some pages which should expand if you click on them.

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