Sunday, 9 July 2017

A couple of Ramsgate model village pictures from around 1960 and a miniature Ramsgate souvenir from around 1910 and a bit of a ramble.

First the model village pictures which should expand fairly well when clicked on, my dating with these is based entirely on clothing styles and printing method and not any understanding of how the exhibits at the model village change over the years.

On to the miniature souvenir booklet wosisname for Ramsgate it is very small and the quality of the original really is this bad. My guess is that it is very scarce because of the very bad quality, most people didn’t buy it in the first place and the majority of those who did buy it subsequently threw it away.

Date wise it has to be after 1903 because the Royal Victoria Pavilion is there and before 1914 because Westcliffe Hall isn’t.

For the regular Ramsgate bookshop followers here is the link to the books that went out on the shelves on Saturday

My commitments at the moment mean that I am not getting much weekend time in Ramsgate at the moment so I missed the Battles for Victory event this weekend, sorry about this however there is coverage elsewhere on the web.


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