Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Where were these three Thanet photos taken and yesterday's answer





Yesterday's question was a difficult one here is a link to it in case you missed the post, but it is an important one as it highlights one of the great problems relating to the older local history books and that is they are history books and not mostly about the time they were written but historical times before.

The answers I did get thought it was from John Lewis's The History and Antiquities as well Ecclesiastical as Civil of the Isle of Tenet written and published in the early 1700s, and indeed much of what it says is reiterated there meaning many people think it was written in the early 1700s.

Lewis does explain in his marginal notes, but few follow this.

So here is yesterday's answer.

William Lambarde (1576), A Perambulation of Kent: Conteining the Description, Hystorie, and Customes of that Shyre.

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