Monday 10 June 2024

Thanet's early holidaymakers in 1809 click away for a long read and big pictures.

I am still focused on visitors to Thanet in early period which I consider to be from about 1725 which is when the sea bathing medical cure first started (click here  and here to read my previous posts about this) and 1815 when the paddle steamers first arrived in Thanet. 

We publish a cheap reprint to The New Margate, Ramsgate, and Broadstairs Guide 1809 and this post is focused on that guide, recommend coming to Michaels Bookshop in Ramsgate and giving it a browse if you can't get here here is the link to buy it

Before I started reading this guide my perception of Thanet at this time was that with the Napoleonic wars in full swing, with the associated fear of invasion, Thanet would have been pretty much shut down. As you will see this was far from the case, with something approaching modern tourism starting to develop. 

The pictures and text below are pages from this guide.


Margate in 1809

Broadstairs in 1809


Ramsgate in 1809

Click on the map of Thanet to expand it
1809 Map of the Isle of Thanet

Finally a ramble, a drizzly Monday morning here in Ramsgate and a not very auspicious weather forecast for what should be an important week. Ramsgate market reopens on Friday and Perico Lounge opens in The Royal Sands development on Ramsgate seafront, 

I think the snag there will be surviving without the hotel part of the development having been built, especially given the parking situation.

Here at Michaels Bookshop in Ramsgate it's fairly quiet so time to write a long and fairly complicated post. I am reading Coin locker Babies by Ryu Murakami, an author I have never read before, so far it's good, however having read the reviews it may become too violent for my taste in literature.

Here is the link to the books we put out on Saturday so there may be something new in for you. 

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