Monday, 1 February 2010

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month.

Once again if you don’t have a local blog or a website with a link to this blog, this is Mr Borings post of the month and I should skip it if I were you.

click here for my web statistics showing how many people have clicked on a link on another website to get here, it is the nearest I can get to a measure of the popularity of the other locals blogs and websites.

The link and reciprocal link business is a vital part of the internet and the special links to Recent posts on other blogs, on the sidebar of this blog and others, that update automatically, are a key part of having a popular blog.

There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that the search engines like this type of thing.

If you have a blog and you want to add this facility to your site, go to your blogger dashboard, click on layout, then add gadget, then blog list, once you have dragged the thing about to where you want it to appear and saved it you can add blogs and other websites that have feeds to it just by pasting in their web address and saving.

This isn’t really rocket science, if you want people to read your blog or website then you want links to it from other sites on the internet leading to your site, if you link to people then they link to you.

Static links, the conventional ones that always stay the same, like the ones further down my sidebar, are just plain boring, but the ones that update, well hot diggery dog.

Having said all of this bloggers gadget is a bit slow to update, so if you want instant updates to the local blogs that post a lot, use and if you think there are other sites I should add to that site of my sidebar don’t be shy to ask me my email address is and if the content is either local or interesting I will certainly add it to my sidebar and don’t require a reciprocal link.

I can’t add non blogger sites to as I haven’t and seem to lack the ability to write the online bit of the javascript i.e. the bit on that picks up the posts and comments form the sites, so that the javascript on can retrieve it.

Most webmasters are very cagey about their web statistics and my blogger ones are password locked so I can’t make them freely available for anyone who wants to look at them, however I have managed to unlock my bookshops website’s statistics here is the link to last months statistics and you can access the rest of that sites statistics from the links on that page.

This includes visitors ip addresses the whole lot and as you can see it unmasks quite a lot of guff that people write about their webstats without actually showing them to people.

This is a site that gets about one and a half million hits a year, so I would think it would be fairly representative of other popular local sites.

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