Friday, 12 February 2010

Thanet councillor Ted Watt-Ruffell resigns

Thanet District Council Conservative group have just announced that they have accepted the resignation of councillor Ted Watt-Ruffell.

Update I just phoned TDC for confirmation that he has resigned and the said that they weren’t prepared to comment at this time, well either he has gone or he hasn’t, anyone know?

I believe we are in a sort of impasse where he has resigned from the Conservative group but hasn’t yet resigned as a councillor, could he stay on, the mind boggles really.

Oh yes and here are today’s pictures, not that many as it was so slippery that I didn’t get very far and was spending much of my time trying to avoid being run over on the roads where the pavements were impassable.


  1. One less to worry about

  2. NO A MOMENT TOO SOON and I meant to type in capitals when is Sandy and his side kick going as well?

  3. Love the pic of Miss Margate 1968! : )

  4. Thats a very christian comment from you Don

  5. He could stay on as an independant councillor

  6. The CON-servatives normally try their best to protect and hide the wrong doers, even from other parties.

    Whoa-behold and honest one's who try to educate the public to whats really going on behind those closed doors, they will be labeled cuckoo.

    Look at what they did to Yolande Lindridge business woman of the year, made out she was mad and drove her out of Kent.

  7. According to Thanet Strife he may have lied about his income to get legal aid too! Can it get any worse?

  8. Maybe he should be listed along with the rest of Kent's finest wrong doers

  9. Watt-Ruffell won't stand aside yet as Mayor as it does not suit the Ezekiel junta.

    Ezekiel intends to stand down as Leader in April to become the next Mayor; this is also why Moores is now the NTCA spokesperson.

    The Charter Trustees (Tory) need Ruffell to hang on so that they will still have a majority in order to vote Sandy in as mayor.

    If Ruffell goes, they might lose the majority and we could get someone decent, and that can't be allowed to happen!

  10. Having slept on the thing and tried to give it a bit of a fresh look this morning, first I had a look at what the local papers have to say.

    The only one he seems to have spoken to since the trial is Thanet Extra see this article says he intends to resign as mayor.

    Your Thanet says that he will be stepping aside as Mayor see

    The Gazette article too is subtly different and has a certain ring of truth to it.

    Taking a charitable point of view here for a moment.

    Talking to various people about the issue I am forming the opinion that the Watt-Ruffells have been animal lovers for a number of years, taking in strays and the like.

    Something obviously went horribly wrong for the kitten, but anyone who has experience of young animals will know that things can happen very quickly indeed.

    Certainly the RSPCA have been fairly zealous over prosecuting high profile figures, so this may also be a factor.

    On the other hand when people enter public life, councillor, mayor etc then high standards are expected and what I am hoping will happen is both that he will issue a statement that he is going to resign from all of his public offices and that if he does so people will accept that he has done the proper thing in the circumstances and leave him alone.

    8.44 I have heard similar rumours, but nothing substantiated, however I don’t think a by election can be held now until after the general election and of course after a general election everything will be different.

  11. Why should a bye election be held, Blair held on to office despite killing british troops and iraq's??

  12. Most of Kent's councillor needs replacing with anything other than yes men

    At present all are a LIB/LAB/CON party no matter how much pantomime
    acting takes place at full councils.

    look what happened in Kent, how many of the public were aware of any of this ?

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  14. 13.23 if you want to make unsubstantiated comments about peoples behaviour could you kindly do so on your own website, I do my best to avoid comment moderation on this blog, something that I think most people appreciate.

  15. Phwoar! Ted's showing his best side in your photo there Michael!

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