Friday, 26 February 2010

Broadstairs High Street pictures

As some of you will be aware I try when I can to photograph parts of Thanet fairly intensively, this is mostly to preserve an historical record.

Something that is most worrying though is the way proper shops are being replaced by businesses where you can’t actually buy tangible goods.

This is also another example of where the town centres are not on a level playing field with Westwood Cross, where I believe this wouldn’t be allowed.

Click on the link for the pictures


  1. Crikey! Boredstares high street is in a bit of a state since I last saw it, judging by your photos. I was thinking of popping over to do a bit of shopping but I don't think I'll bother now.

  2. Richard I think in a way it is more alarming than what has happened in the other Thanet towns, in as much as there are very few empty shop buildings or buildings that were shops that have been converted to residential accommodation and yet there are now far fewer shops than there were even a couple of years ago.

  3. TDC's policy has been the success of westwood cross and turn all the towns into ghost towns, what amazes me is the policy is driven through by directors who have no interest in thanet as a place to live. the problem of having a bunch of dumb bunnies as councillors.

  4. Yes, true Michael, as we always say 'look up' Broadstairs needs protection too, as the very thing that makes it special will be lost.

  5. Don't blame the Council, If the Public did not want Westwood Cross they would not use it!

  6. The last comment is the usual idiotic type that is offered as a justification for propping up the airport.

    I know of very few locals who use Westwood and now have to avoid the whole area, to leave Thanet travelling out via Ramsgate or Margate to get away from the traffic chaos .

    This means a loss of income for other businesses near Westwood . It also means a major loss of tourists coming onto Broadstairs for a day out and a bit of interesting independent shopping as the local shops are being killed off by the constant roadworks. No tourist would travel to Thanet to go to Westwood as they have their own dreadful Malls closer to home

  7. Very few locals use Westwood & no-one comes from outside to use it? Then who on earth are all those people that are always in Tesco???

  8. I have the mixed blessing of living near Westwood and, yes, it is a pain in the backside most of the time with traffic congestion. However, it is also perfectly walkable from my house if I need to get a few bits which do not need to be put in the car boot.

    I think TDC could have followed the example of Ashford or Canterbury who chose to push out of town retail outlets whilst also developing their town/city centre offering with new shops etc. They both seem to have the balance right.


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