Thursday, 11 February 2010

Severe Snow and some pictures of Ramsgate in the snow today.

The picture is of The Plains of Waterloo this morning, bit of an odd name for a road I know, it’s on the main Thanet bus route and is impassable to all but 4x4s.

Obviously there are no busses running, several of the cars that have tried to drive down it this morning have gone completely out of control, so far there hasn’t been a major accident.

Minor update here 11.30 am, still no sign of any grit, I haven’t been able to go out and take any pictures as vehicles are still sliding down the hill out of control and there is a very real possibility that one may crash into the bookshop, some nearly did last night but the curb outside stopped them.
Many thanks to Lawrence who sent me some pictures of the snow in Ramsgate click on the link for them
I think they probably did put some salt on the hill in front of the bookshop either that or it has turned into slush of its own accord.

Either way it is still fairly dangerous and the cars are still slipping on it, the busses haven’t braved it yet so I think it was probably a case of not enough salt on the hill.

A few more pictures of Ramsgate in the snow here as I suspect there will be a lot of people who can’t get out for a walk due to the slippery conditions.

Oh incidentally if anyone sends me any Thanet pictures I am always happy to put them on the web, if you are concerned about copyright please let me know what you want me to say with them.

As far as my pictures are concerned my objective is to preserve as much record of Thanet as possible, so help yourselves, decorate your blogs websites, whatever you like with them, mention me if you want to.


  1. As KCC stated yesterday we have 5000 tonnes of salt and grit we are fully prepared.............which is exactly why Thanet has been in complete chaos, just think what might have happened if they hadn't been prepared.

  2. Michael cars are sliding back down the hill opposite our house and one slid back down colliding with another car in the process. cars are managing the main roads but most side roads seem impassable.

  3. It is strange how it has mainly affected the area from the airport. I drove home from work in Canterbury today. Clear roads all the way home. Before I left the office I checked the BBC Travel website and it confirmed both the main A299 past the airport and the road through the airport were both cleared and were now open. Hit the Minster Roundabout and saw the sign saying "road closed ahead". Mmm. Took the diversion through the airport as far as the golf range and everyone was turning round as that road was closed too. Seeing foreign articulated lorries execute three-point turns on that road was a spectacle and a half. Eventually had to drive through Minster which was more than a little "hairy" and out near the Viking Ship to get home. Happy days. 30 minutes to get from Canterbury to Manston. 1 hour to get from Manston to Broadstairs.

  4. Still look at it this way, if we couldn't moaning about the weather what else would be left!

    Cheer up folks it's only winter weather and it won't be to long before you can moan about the March winds, April showers and how hot it is in August..

  5. "Why is the internet slow today Dad?"

    "Michael Child is uploading pictures," I replied!

    Haha, just kidding MC, you do a great job :)


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