Thursday, 18 March 2010

Turner Contemporary video mystery

Looking at yesterdays post this morning I noticed that the video I embedded had vanished, this is a bit odd as presumably this video was made with the gallery’s grant funding, never got linked to the gallery’s website and as far as I could see the very few viewings it got came from when I first embedded it in this website some time ago.

Anyway there are now two new videos about the gallery’s recent activities, this firs one about the recent Margate walk

Hamish Fulton Margate walk - interviews from Hugh Kermode on Vimeo.

and a new one about their current exhibition.

Time of Our Lives from Hugh Kermode on Vimeo.


  1. I wonder were it went I have seen the second one before, but then I am the person who visits the Turner Contemporary website. I am pleased so many people did the walk thing I am slightly jealous of them being able to do it but I try not to do Jealousy, so perhaps envious is a better description.

  2. Don

    Linkie to Dr Paul Darke's "Outside Centre" disabled artist charity gallery example

    If Turner Centre would hold an Outside Centre exhibition coupled with Winter Gardens booking Dr Laurence Clark

    Laurence Clark official site

    A Dr Laurence Clark Leeds University thesis mentioning yours truly

    We did away with the workhouse for the unemployed but the workhouse type institutional model remains for the disabled and elderly. If Art (such as Laurence's alternative comedy and Paul's art and film charity) challenges us to move on from the condecsending institutional models of the past then it may have some justification in poncing on public funds.

  3. Michael

    I hope you take the linkie. Can you imagine that image on the side of the Pleasurama Cliff face ??


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