Thursday, 18 March 2010

Walk from Broadstairs to Ramsgate, questions surrounding The Grand Turk and a minor ramble.

It being my day off after dropping the children at school I jumped on the bus to Broadstairs and walked back to Ramsgate along the cliff top, sands and promenade.

I took a few hundred pictures on the way, for those of you that can’t get out for a walk the links to them will be at the bottom of this post when the computer has finished processing them.

I also took a few yesterday morning here is the link for those;

I have decided that with the right titles some of my photographs could be considered modern art, and am wondering if grant funding would be applicable.

The one above is entitled; “Warning you may encounter a person or persons having difficulties opening umbrellas.”

If I get the time I will add a few more thoughts about some of the pictures to this post during the rest of the day, here are the links to the pictures:

You may have to wait for them to appear as there are over 400.

Work continues on the wall that is sinking into the ground at the top of Augusta Stairs.

Preparations are being made to prepare the sands for the Easter holiday.

Work continues on repairing the low wall around the bandstand’s dance floor, in front of Wellington crescent.

Today’s pictures starting with id10

Work on Broadstairs High street seems to have finished.

A few things on id13 sorry the last picture on these pages seems to have jumped to the top I will try to remember to sort it out tomorrow.

The Pleasurama roof drain pipe has now been diverted off course, they seem to have conceded that at least one aspect of the Pleasurama plans were just plain crazy.

I had to nip back home for a coffee at some point on this page if you are becoming directionally disadvantaged.

The Grand Turk seems to have made a short reappearance, rumour is that she has been bought by a private buyer, but no one seemed to know much at all.

The anti fox hunting campaigners were campaigning outside where the Thanet South Conservative offices used to be, I am pretty sure that they don’t use them any more.

I have slightly mixed thoughts on blood sports, as I tend to consider it from the fox’s point of view i.e. were I a fox would I prefer to be gassed in my den, shot out of hand or take my chances trying to escape the hunt?

I have to admit to having ridden only once with the Froyle hunt, this was in about 1967, I caught up with the fox as my horse bolted but the hounds didn’t and the fox escaped, in fact I was the only one injured.

All of this wasn’t anything to do with a conscious decision to engage in blood sports, I had had about 3 riding lessons at school and these were really too expensive for my budget, so when the opportunity of a free ride presented itself I took it.

I only learned later that the very experienced rider left his huge stallion available for me to ride as it had thrown him on the way to the hunt and he had been taken away in an ambulance.


  1. Glad the work on Broadstairs High Street is finished. Thats too many piccies for one go I did the old ones and the first of todays and had to give up. You go places I have never been in 28 years living here.Its nice to go with you on your walks I love looking at the pictures.

  2. Michael, now you've seen in detail the sorry state of the old cliff railway (lift), shelter and the staircase, would you say there's movement from the ground or cliff? I'm still not sure if the huge cracks in the supporting wall of the lift station are to blame on vandalism, or if there's genuinely a structural issue.

    I have been rather slow on sorting out the blog and website for the Save Broadstairs Cliff Railway campaign but hopefully it should be running soon.

    The website will detail exactly what we hope to do in the long term and in the short term - which includes cleaning the site up with minor restoration where appropriate, documenting everything and re-securing the site appropriately with an increased maintenance / security programme.

    Although we have been promised a response from the planning department, of course that hasn't happened and I'm not sure how to move forward.

  3. SBCR it looks more like the effects of water getting in through the damaged roof and freezing in the cracks, I think a cliff movement would have a more pronounced effect.

    Don I was severely disabled when I was a child, on one occasion having to spend a year in bed, so I often think of you when I snap away on my walks and am glad you are at least a travelling companion in the mind.

  4. Michael, true to form I have ' Run' with the fox and 'ridden' with the hounds' as I used to be a 'Hunt Supporter' then became a 'Hunt Sab', but I have to say that was a while ago, in my youth. On a scale of 1 to 10, the social life with the 'anti's' was 3 and with the 'Hunt' it was 15.

  5. I hope the post was interesting today

  6. Grand Turk - believed sold to Etoile Marine, St. Malo.

  7. Confirmation of sale see:

  8. Interesting that Ken, a view from both sides of the fence as it were, you now have me considering the social life of saboteurs.

    Many thanks 23.35 rest assured I will use it well.

    Thanks for the info Mac, it’s a shame to see her leave the UK for good.

  9. oh good, I was hoping it would be useful.


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