Saturday, 13 March 2010

Female 4k for Kent County Council

As some of you will remember I have occasionally referred to council officers by nicknames relating to their weekly pay, I mainly do this on occasions where I am publishing a dialogue with them where what they say doesn’t entirely make sense.

As the internet has a very long memory and I have a fairly high internet presence, it isn’t my objective to have something stupid they have said to come up when one googles their name years after the event.

KCC’s new chief Executive will be Katherine Kerswell she is currently chief executive of Northamptonshire County Council.

As her salary at KCC will be £197,000 per year, I couldn’t resist the honorific of 4k.

When I was a child back in 1950s my father was the manager of a bookshop, in those days bookshops were mostly staffed by highly educated and articulate women, many of whom were spinsters trying to live on what wasn’t a living wage.

I was often sent to these women’s homes to be looked after and became acutely aware of their poverty, so this is also a bit of a reflection on how women’s pay and jobs has changed in some cases over the years.


  1. Public sector Michael.

    Following your example of not naming people. One HM Coroner. One team of hospital executives. One set of public servants in NHS estates. The Health and Safety Executive health interest group. The Health and Safety Executive chief investigatory staff London and South East. Commissioner and anti terrorist branch of Scotland Yard. Kent Chief constable and staff.

    Add that lot up for a weekly equivalent.

    Every manjack of them sang the same tune about the failure of a backup generator at Guys hospital in 1995. Its failure cut power to post op ICU and a child patient died.

    Why was the manufacturer not investigated ?

    Answer, from each ot the above, "because it was not the suspect manufacturer (subject of sabotage consistent with the IRA terrorist strategy)"

    Finally with the help of Jonathan Aitken I got a copy of the incident report used by the Coroner.

    Question "Hands up all you public servant wasters who think "MVA" is the manufacturers name ?" (IE Hnads up every single typically useless public sector one of you)

    I wrote to Coroner to inform him "MVA" is not the manufacturers name but the power rating in Mega Volt Amps (A more accurate way of expressing megawatts if you like)The manufacturer name is Petbow and a clue to this is the photos in your evidence featuring the mystery word P E T B O W sign written.

    Does anyone get the sack ? No

    Does anyone get charged with criminal negligence ? No

    Public sector.

    I am representing a man who was stabbed in the face in February 2008. Later refused criminal injuries compensation. I apppealed the decision. CICA stuck to their decision. Then I appealed to Tribunal and as a result received copies of the police file and CICA files.

    Ten seconds after reading same once I phone the police case officer. "You wrote the wrong date for the attack on all the witness statements and you checked for calls from A and E to Police for the wrong weekend. In two years all the CICA admin people have failed to spot it"

    How do you know asks the police officer. An invitation to familiarize the officer with the concepts of evidence and proof.

    Mmmmmmmm ... the date and time on the CCTV security footage my client provided you in 2008 to identify the assailants to you !!!! As corroborated by his in patient admission date if that helps !!!!

    Public sector. Useless.

    I have just spent four months convincing a housing benefits dept of a council that calendar mothly rent and four weekly rent are different things.

    Public sector. Useless.

    The KCC Chief Executive salary is obscene.

  2. £197,000 is as Richard says obscene I would like to see half of the highly paid servants get and maintain a decent job in the real world.It wont stop there she will get relocation expenses a fabulous pension and more holiday than you could wish for.


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