Friday, 26 March 2010

Pleasurama foundations now you see it now you don’t and a few pictures of Ramsgate.

As you see from the picture above, taken today a large rock seems to fallen into the hole where I took the picture at the top of Tuesday’s post they have also been pretty quick to fill in the exploratory holes in the cliff façade.

It’s a case of spot the difference between the two pictures this one was taken on Wednesday afternoon.
Covering up the defects after I have photographed them seems a tad unprofessional to me, it immediately makes one wonder just what else has been covered up and how they intend to deal with defects and safety issues.

Here is the link to the pictures the first lot taken Wednesday afternoon and the rest this morning


  1. I could say that covering the hole was a Health and Safety issue, as they would be responsible for intrepid photographers and booksellers falling into it.

    But looking at the tangled heap of rubbish on site, more likely they are setting a trap for intruders.

  2. Readit I find now when I walk onto a building site the ordinary blokes working there say, “hey what do you think you are doing” I say “I’m Michael” to which they reply, “do you take sugar”

    Today the word over a cuppa was, “never seen so many of them council blokes looking at a wall”

  3. About bally time too, Michael! The 'council blokes'should have taken a keener interest in the cliff face before spending £1,000,000 of tax-payer's money on it and then finding that all was still not well.

  4. The site is like a rubbish tip - doesn`t look professional.

  5. I would have thought that when the new block work on the curtain wall was completed and the scaffold was still there they could have sprayed it to match the existing colour scheme,I supose that would have been to easy,they will probably pay another contractor to do it later.

  6. I am appalled by the state of the site, I have seen Gypsy sites tidier. If I was Cardy I wouldn't want my name on these picture as it hardy instils confidence in them.

  7. I just thought maybe when the HSO come out they will close it down as an unsafe fly tip.


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