Sunday, 28 March 2010

Virtue alone remains and more Sunday ramblings.

I have heard that Tesco have bought Busy Bee’s shop in Ramsgate for one of their Metro stores, sounds like It will be a traffic and parking nightmare, it’s certainly a rather strange site as most people living in Ramsgate would have to pass several other convenience stores and supermarkets to get to it.
Nothing in the councils planning website so of course I may be wrong.
The hands have gone from the Montefiore Synagogue clock, this is not some randomised act of anti-Semitism I think but another case of stealing for scrap metal, like the brass band round the bandstand.

I did a post about this clock sometime ago here’s the link another case of now you see it now you don’t here in Ramsgate.
A few thoughts on the pictures they have closed the public footpath through the grounds of the synagogue, I arrived at large wooden board where a gate once was, it is always a bit strange when one is prevented from going where one has always gone before.

The Ostend Spirit was entering the harbour as I was walking along the cliff top, quite a tight fit and I would think fairly difficult in bad weather.

Much boarding down Marina Road I suppose had I been in a different mood I could have called the post look no hands crunch no teeth, although frankly I still consider driving coaches down this structure to far more dangerous than boarding down it.

Here is the link to the pictures

I have just noticed that my automated publishing program has muddled up the order the pictures published in, I will apologise for it, I have a horrible feeling that it wont be long before my computer starts apologising, with all the insincerity of a machine.
I will add some more and some pictures and ramble on a bit more if the opportunity presents itself.


  1. Someone must have given them a hand to get up there!
    (sorry I couldnt resist that one)

    Perhaps the clock is being repaired?

  2. Sorry to say Readit that my sources are usually fairly accurate, often I wish they weren’t. my information is that they pinched the bells too, but I will get confirmation from the trust in the fullness of time.

  3. A police spokesperson said "This is not an armless crime". They suspect "20 Fingers Maloney" as he has done time for this sort of hoist and has the "face" to pull it off.

    Sorry!!! this sort of vandalism is terrible.

  4. Mal K will be all over this

  5. OK Readit I capitulate and suggest it was the clockers wot done it.

  6. I've heard a rumour that the grounds around the Synagogue have been donated to the Town Council and there's funding to tidy it up. Maybe a change of ownership has prompted safety concerns.

  7. I saw the Ostend spirit come in as well, and it was pretty tight. I hear that tdc have not put the fenders back that were put in for the prins filip in sally days, and the risk is that the berth could be damaged and none of the vessels could use it, all as usual for the sake of a few quid, i also hear the dredger has to come back and do some more work. I hope that after the money the ferry company has spent the service is not put at risk because of the skinflint behaviour of tdc.

  8. The peelers said giv'em a bell if you can put anyone in the frame

  9. I have just checked and it would seem I was wrong and that the bells are still there, apparently the hands were stolen when there was scaffolding up the synagogue.

  10. Police have now ruled out Thanet Wanderers in their entirety.

    Not one could manage a hand off when the police tackled them.

    The loosehead prop thought scaffold scaling was something to do with singing Lily the Pink.

    And the scrum half thought Monty Fiore was a Ramsgate dry cleaner. (The Police checked this out and concluded Monty Fiore is a TV gardener)


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