Friday, 4 June 2010

Entrance fee to Margate’s Big Event doubles in two months

Back in April I published Thanet district Council’s big event press release see if you read it through, I know press releases aren’t that much fun to read, so you can take my word for it that is says that a token admission fee of £1 will be charged this year.

I was quite surprised today when I noticed that the council have now published on their website that this fee will now be £2 see

Yes I know that this doesn’t sound that much, but for a family of six this is a rise from £12 for the two day event to £24, there is also a reference to parking charges by default at where it says that a £32 per person VIP ticket entitles you to free parking.

With the cost of parking, perhaps it will tell you that, where it says, “Coming soon Visitor Information”

I would imagine that there is also some effect here on the Qfest event that was to have been held on the same days at Quex Park but has been cancelled due to lack if ticket sales see

Update I have had a response to my enquiry about this from the council, the information was in a press release that seems to have gone astray, the extra money is due to extra Red arrows, seems reasonable to me.

Date: Friday, 30 April 2010

Press and Media Manager



Margate is to be the first UK stop for the world famous Red Arrows for 2010, with their appearance at Margate’s Big Event starting off their season of displays.

The team will now be opening Kent’s leading land and air festival on Saturday 19 June, in addition to their confirmed appearance on Father’s Day on Sunday 20 June, when they will be closing the packed programme of flying.

Organisers are welcoming this addition to the Big Event as fantastic news for Margate. Entry to the event will be adjusted to £2.00 to cover the extra costs associated with the higher numbers expected.

Gill Shepherd, Events Manager said: “We are really excited to have secured the Red Arrows for both days of our flying programme and it’s a real scoop for the area that they will make their first appearance of the season in Margate. We’re expecting this year’s crowds to be bigger than ever, which is great news for Thanet. To make sure we can look after the expected numbers safely and keep the event family friendly, we need to increase our price to £2.00 with children under the age of five free of charge.”

The two day festival, which is organised by Thanet District Council, will also pay tribute to the Battle of Britain, on its 70th anniversary. A specially choreographed display will see historic Spitfires once again taking on German planes over the skies of Kent, in remembrance of the events of 1940. There will be a full programme of flying on both days and, on the ground, visitors can enjoy live music, street performances and entertainers.

Gill added: “There is so much free entertainment on offer at Margate’s Big Event, with a huge line-up of top street acts, live music and our Magic of the Beatles evening concert on the Saturday night. This represents a great value weekend and will rival anything in the South East for price and quality.”

The event will be open from 10am until 10pm on Saturday and from 10.30am to 6pm on Sunday. Ticket holders can leave and return to the site as often as they wish during the course of the day and there is no additional charge for the concert on the Saturday evening. Tickets are expected to go on sale for Margate’s Big Event in early June.

For more information about the Big Event, go to

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