Friday, 4 June 2010

Pictures of Ramsgate and some thoughts

This first batch were Wednesday I think, it’s good to see the seagull proof rubbish bags, their effectiveness evidenced by the lack of rubbish strewn all over the road.

You can also see the vegetation growth in the cracks of the cliff façade behind Pleasurama is building up as the season progresses, I am afraid looking at this and considering that £1m of council tax money has recently been spent on filling the cracks and coating the façade surface, makes me rather annoyed.

The Pleasurama roof drainage pipe is progressing slowly through all of the various underground obstacles along Harbour parade. I have noticed that the reinstatement work to both the road and the footpath is of such good quality that you can’t really see where they have been.

The situation with the coloured concrete dance floor surrounding the eastcliff bandstand is getting very bad indeed, the severe cracking displacement and vegetation growth can’t be helping with the cliff stability there. There is a maze of caves and tunnels in this area, many associated with the world wars, particularly HMS Fervent.

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This next batch were taken yesterday, it is sad to see the commemorative plaques around the town being stolen for scrap metal, suppose it is synonymous with our broken society that our heritage is reduced to its scrap value.

The King George IV Maritime Heritage Pontoon is still empty after the council deciding to charge nearly full harbour fees to the historic vessels, meaning that they have all left.

Then there is the business of the maritime museum, I have re written Parkinson to illustrate what may of happened here.

The councillors and council executives meet to discuss two new projects: a modern art gallery and a museum. None of them understand modern art and the gallery is bewilderingly expensive, and non-experts risk embarrassment if they speak up, so it gets approved in two and a half minutes. But everyone knows about museums and local history, and everyone has an opinion. The museum, "will be debated for an hour and a quarter, then deferred for decision to the next meeting, pending the gathering of more information.

Don’t underestimate the bewilderingly expensive factor here, every one can relate to the difference between charging an historic yacht £20 per week and £80 per week to tie up outside the café culture, however say £2m for an historic project in Margate, well the figure is so large that it is meaningless to most people.

Click on the link for the pictures

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