Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Some steam engineering marine engineering and model engineering books in the bookshop.

With my recent coverage of The Steam Tug Cervia, see and the Dunkirk evacuation model tug display see I have been reading up on steam and model engineering.

This means I have been reading some of the books about this in my bookshop, I have just photographed excerpts from some of them to amuse other people with this sort of interest see

Looking at the post so far it does look as though it’s about building a somewhat eccentric and in some cases rather expensive gentleman’s library, so here are some pictures of other arts and crafts books on the bookshop selves today none should be expensive, very few over £10 per book with an average price about £6.

I hope these will have a somewhat broader appeal, selling engineering and craft books as I do it occurs to me that this is for the most part an area where sexism still flourishes, with nearly all of the books about fabric related craft being bought by females and nearly al of those about wood or metalwork being bought by males.

Staying with a craft related theme I repaired the staircase between the shop and the flat above over the bank holiday weekend. This is something that I hadn’t done before and started by trying to find out how to do this using the internet, after some exasperation going from site to site trying to sell me a new staircase, once again I resorted to the books in the bookshop for the information.


  1. Sexism in Thanet OHHHHHHHHHH NO Tracey Emin looks like a Feminist to me best get her round to even things up Michael.

  2. I suppose some would call that stereotyping, but on reflection I see what you mean, perhaps she wishes she didn’t, rather in the way that you wish you didn’t look disabled. I was very much a feminist when it was a more tangible issue back in the 60s and 70s and made a long study of feminist literature, so here is one of those party questions, name three famous – in household names terms – American feminist novelists, bet you can’t.

  3. Marilyn French (nee Edwards)
    Judith Sargent Murray,
    Jeannine Bassinger

    "Marvellous thing this internet"

    (No-one likes a smart a*se)

  4. Readit Marilyn French granted, Judith Sargent Murray neither a novelist not exactly a household name and I don’t think Jeannine Bassinger fulfils any of the criteria.


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