Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pictures go up on The Great Wall of Ramsgate

Click on the link for the pictures of the pictures taken this morning I think they must have gone up late yesterday.

I suppose the thing that stands out here is that with all of the evident local talent, why are the exhibitions that are being put on in the Droit House not better.

My understanding is that the Marks and Spencer building in Margate is still council owned and empty too, so surely something better could be done to kindle some sort of interest in the arts there.

Perhaps the problem is that conventional painted pictures are not elitist enough.

Oh well who knows what their remit can be, anyway here are the rest of the pictures from this mornings walk, and some thoughts on them

I don’t like the look of the blocked drain on the cliff top above the Pleasurama site, this is just the sort of thing that has caused cliff collapses in the past.

The boule park behind Harbour Street looks to be too weedy for play, suggesting that the thing was a bit of a white elephant.

The old police station seems to be vacant, I wonder if it is council owned.

The new bit of the Granville has been scaffolded so I wonder if anything has gone wrong with the construction, it’s probably the roof again.

The stone wall at the top of Augusta Stairs is sinking again and more cracks are appearing in it.

Work is well underway on the restoration work to the Granville Marina, pity about losing the parking spaces there.

I am a bit worried about the new pictures, looking at the situation under the pavilion shelter and wonder if there is any sort of graffiti proof coating that can be applied to them.


  1. Did you notice anything positive ;-)

  2. RVM, this isn’t a trick question is it as I thought I had with the paintings, you know putting the pictures of the pictures up and all that, I suppose I could have a go at art criticism. You know the type of thing where those who can’t or perhaps in this case cant transcend the phrase “I know what I like” and dip their toes into the muddy waters of the physics of aesthesis, words like embolism, symbolism, deconstruction, hyperbole around in the mixing basin of my consciousness. On second thoughts perhaps better not.

  3. The old police station is occupied. I'll be spilling the beans on that tomorrow!

  4. With all that boarding up they must be a bit reclusive Richard old chap, I look forward to the beans with interest. Something unusual perhaps, does it still have cells do you know?

  5. Sorry Micheal, thought I caught a hint of sarcasm in the 'evident local talent'.

    All the other negatives have been put in perspective now.

  6. RVW nope really enjoyed them particularly liked the view of the power station and the windfarm not so sure of the after Beryl Cook, or after saucy seaside postcard school as Ramsgate lacks the sailors (RN) to pull this off, the one with the lifeboatman had the slate perspective right, even beryl admitted she couldn’t pull this sort of thing off. Just me I suppose but drafted vanishing points and primitivism seem a bit incongruous.

    Strange to how Tissot influences pictures looking out to sea through the harbour entrance, although in that case I am not quite sure if the influence is of me having seen them or the artist or artists having done so to.

    Bit like David Lodge and Elliot’s influence on Shakespeare to site a literary parallel, whoops sorry about this I am having problems with a java site of mine that is supposed to pick up comments fro other blogs and isn’t working properly, so I have to keep writing comments on differn blogs to test it.


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