Saturday, 23 April 2011

Great Wall Art Expedition Opens in Ramsgate Today, The Turner Contemporary’s Mistake Revealed, Tug Open Museum Shut.

Easter Saturday and a great art exhibition in Ramsgate opens officially, click on the link to their website

I was down there early this morning having a preview, there is a marked contrast between this exhibition and the one in the new Turner Contemporary, which is ordinary people talking to each other about the paintings.

You don’t need to have anyone paid to tell people what is art and why, people just seem to be able to work it all out for themselves, anyone doing a silly walk, is just someone doing a silly walk. 

Here are the pictures of the pictures taken this morning I think the exhibition is pretty much complete now.

I am also experimenting with pages of pictures small enough to open on a mobile internet phone, same images here smaller

Here are some pictures taken later on when the official opening was underway

there is some contrast between an art exhibition in Ramsgate and some others elsewhere, I will try to get around to deleting the worst of the pictures, at the moment you will have to edit them yourself, here are some more

they are uploading to the internet while I write this, I haven’t seen them either at this point, the rest should appear here soon

I belong to the slash and burn school of internet publishing, which essentially means having reduced the image size a bit, I just copy a whole batch at once and paste them onto the internet.

There may be some video footage later on. update here one is   

and another one

Update KOS has reported this event as The Great War of Ramsgate, either it’s typo of the week or thy know something that we don’t about the Royal Sands

A note of interest here is that one of the directors of KOS is related to one of the directors of Cardy’s. 

Next the Turner Contemporary Revealed gaff , during an inconvenient moment today I retired into the smallest room and there was this mag about Revealed, free poster on page 14, all about JWMT on page 6, our Trace on page 11, in fact the cat’s pyjamas not the dog’s sphericals you understand.

As a fan I rushed to page? OMG no page numbers, anyone know if I have a special rare edition, or do all the other copies of the mag lack navigation.     

The Ocean Going Steam Tug Cervia moored in Ramsgate Harbour, is also open to the public over this weekend. Considerable work has been done on this restoration project, I took a few pictures of it right at the start of the restoration, see four pages of pictures links to the other pages at the top of the first page. Oh an a video of this too.

Ramsgate Maritime Museum however hasn’t opened for Easter, as we hoped it would. 

I will continue this post as I get time between customers in the bookshop


  1. Michael,

    The videos of the Great Wall Opening will not be winning any awards. Were they taken by a cocktail barman, I wonder. The camera slung all over the place and plenty of shake. Made me feel giddy. Oh dear, I hope that you weren't the cinematographer. If so sorry and I'm sure the videos will be of great value to some future historian.

  2. I spoke to two people who had visited the Turner Centre, yesterday. They were underwhelmed, not least because of the paucity of exhibits. The same two people enjoyed a walk along Ramsgate seafront and found the artwork displayed there very interesting and entertaining.

    When modern art was invented we were told that art didn't have to involve great craftsmanship. It was all about the concept. Well, what goes around comes around. Art is what you want it to be, and I suspect that many people prefer the work displayed in Ramsgate to that in the Turner, simply, because they understand it.

    If the Turner is to have any long-term future I think it wil have to cater for the masses and not speak to some elite clique who claim to have some higher understanding of the meaning of the work displayed there. Perhaps it could have a bar?

  3. Sorry about that John, I guess I had better not put the others up, I was heavily influenced by the turner Contemporary last week and have already been ticked off by Don for artistic photos and now you for terrible videos.

    8.49 recommend you visit the TC my pictures of the art exhibits there are on the web at and if you can’t get there.

  4. Sorry Michael,
    I've got a camcorder and I enjoy editing and making videos. Also, in another life I was a film actor with leading roles albeit briefly. So I get a bit critical. I should have kept my mouth shut but I rarely do, regrettably. At least you went out there and made a video, which is more than I did. Though that can be explained in part by the fact that my camcorder is currently 2,000 miles away. Consequently, I would need rather a long lens.

  5. John I really don’t mind the criticism, I have put up a few videos on youtube, mostly to illustrate blog posts and on the whole without any explanation on youtube, this means some of them are like watching paint dry.

    Some have been watched quite a bit and some drawn some unusual comment. I am only just getting the knack of the still camera and would certainly concede that the videos in question are dreadful I don’t think there is much chance of me mastering the video camera.

    Have you watched any or the TC videos that were my insperation?

  6. Great pictures Michael. I will have to come over and see it.

    I dont remember ticking you off but if I did you obviously deserved it you naughty boy yoy.

  7. Don nearly got expelled from school for being artistic, so I probably deserved it.

  8. This open wall of paintings is a really good idea, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Good to see this in Ramsgate-it should keep encouraging ideas like this, and take them further.


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