Thursday, 21 April 2011

Reflections on Margate, a Turner Failure

 I had hoped to get some pictures of The Turner Contemporary building glowing golden today, I haven’t given up with trying to photograph the building in its setting so that it looks pleasing to me or somehow in context.

Some sort of artistic achievement on my part but I failed today. Having been up close I now know that it is definitely coated in glass, but I haven’t yet been in the right place at the right time to see any significant effect.

 I took some pictures today, here is they are

Another thing I have been doing over the last few days is trying to get an answer from the leader of the council about an important issue, in fact an answer at all; perhaps he is otherwise engaged.

Just remembered I intended some sort of artistic theme to this weeks posts, as the pictures were a failure, here is a tribute to the poet William Carlos Williams.

Light hearted Robert curled

his December stubble

and, half mazed, looked

from the council window

upon the spring weather.

Heigh-ya! sighed he gaily

leaning out to see

up and down the street

where a heavy sunlight

lay beyond some blue shadows.

Into the room he drew

his head again and laughed

to himself quietly

curling his green stubble.


  1. Why does the Turner need to be in with Margate. Its a breath of fresh air and cultural zeitgeist the town badly needs. In North Kent its not just materiel regeneration thats needed, but a new educational and cultural stimulus that some of us that live here have been looking in vain for. Lucky for Margate that it has the Turner!!!! Hope you get the pictures you want. Thanks for your excelent blog.

  2. My above post should have the word context between in and with in the first line. It seems to have been deleted.


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