Monday, 13 January 2014

Pavillion graffiti painted over and a ramble and a few pictures

Friends of Ramsgate Seafront have painted over the graffiti on Ramsgate’s Royal Victoria Pavillion, photos below.

Thanet district council seem to have gone critical on the press release front today, I have only received three in a month and then four today, they have also started numbering them, so it would be obvious if one was missing, perhaps this is related to so many turning up like late buses

I think the Heritage boat pontoon is supposed to be the crowning glory of Ramsgate Harbour, the photos just make me angry, two councils one overlooking this and between them they can't rustle up a few historic vessels for visitors to look at.

The new sweetshop in Ramsgate High Street now has shop signs.

With the pavillion one would think the real solution would be for the council to take the lease back and get some grant funding so they could turn it into a proper and useful attraction for the town.


  1. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the work. And to David Green at Ramsgate Town Council who paid for the paint,

  2. whats happening with the Pavillion I thought Weatherspoons were taking it on or has that been kicked into touch??

    1. Don Weatherspoons would like to use part of it for a bar complex, the trouble is it is surrounded by bars and not much else and is really the main council owned building central to the main leisure part of Ramsgate where there is no central leisure venue.

      In Margate the various councils manage to either fund or find grant funding for, The Theatre Royal, The Winter Gardens, The Turner Contemporary and now Dreamland, so I don’t think it asking very much for one leisure venue in Ramsgate.

  3. currently the lease is with the lawyers then we will see

    1. Barry my take is that it is just another ploy by a Margate based council that sees Ramsgate as a source of income. There should be no legal case the council should just take the lease back from Rank, obtain the grant funding to repair the building and open it as a venue with concessions let on an annual basis around the outside of the main hall. It’s grade 2 listed and as a high profile and unusual seaside pavillion it ought not be that difficult to get the funding.

      It is this type of thing that local councils are supposed to do and the reason that these major public buildings were entrusted to them in the first place i.e. to protect them for being used to generate the most money and ensure they generate the most benefit for local people.


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