Sunday, 19 January 2014

The large cheap sketchpad that will take watercolour and political execution in Canterbury

This Christmas I got a voucher for Chromos the art shop in Canterbury and as we were going there today I decided to try yet another large cheap sketchpad, this time the A3 version of this one

A3 – know this sounds silly – is the largest size that will go in my pocket, when I go sketching I wear a fly fishing gilet, this one in fact so the A3 sketchbook goes in the back pocket, which is massive.

Painting watercolour onto paper once the paper is bigger than about A5 you either have to stretch the paper or use very expensive, very thick paper, there is however a sneaky alternative which is to use thin soft paper that is so stretchy that it doesn’t crinkle up much when you wet it and the pad I bought today seems to fit the bill.

The rather bad watercolour A3 sketch of a Ramsgate Fishing Smack is my first attempt using this paper, the sea and the sky being put on with very wet washes painting wet in wet and then the boat was painted on top, using paint so thick that the horizon doesn’t show through.

The pictures below are of the art exhibition of pictures of political execution at The Beaney not many as most of the exhibition you are not allowed to photograph, very thought provoking.

After that I went to sung evensong in the cathedral which takes one through a time warp that is beyond any description I could come up with.  

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  1. Michael,

    You are stumped for a description of the Sung Evensong in Canterbury Cathedral: would beautiful do?


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