Sunday, 4 May 2014

A quick sketch of Canterbury, an offer for Manston airport, a few Canterbury photos and a possible ramble.

A bit of a tale of two towers here, obviously one of them is wrong as they should have both come out the same size, I didn’t have the time to start again and the viewing angle made it difficult to draw, because of looking up at it.

Sir Roger Gale says that there is a firm offer to buy Manston airport as a going concern with the intention of continuing to run it as an airport, From: GALE, Roger 
Sent: 04 May 2014 18:23
To: GALE, Roger
Subject: Manston - a formal offer made

Manston  - A formal offer

North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has indicated that this (Sunday) afternoon a formal offer has been made for the purchase of Manston Airfield as a working airport.

Speaking from his constituency Sir Roger has said:

“ In the light of the ongoing concern about the future of Manston and the obvious distress and concern that this is causing to our constituents employed there I have today telephoned the company with whom I met last week and they have confirmed that they have, following discussions with the owner of the airfield, Mrs. Gloag, now submitted a formal offer to purchase the business as a going concern.

This does not, of course, mean that the offer has  been accepted but I hope and expect that common sense  and fairness will now prevail and that, as a result, an agreement will be reached that will enable Manston to remain open and operational  and to realise its’ potential both in the interests of those that Laura Sandys and I represent and also in the national interest.  Clearly any agreement will take still more time to finalise and legalise but given the indication that Mrs. Gloag gave to me personally to the effect that she wished to sell I would hope and expect that any differences between seller and buyer will be resolved.”

Some sad news on the Canterbury shop front which is Chromos the artist’s materials shop is to close, this shop is one of the main reasons that I visit Canterbury regularly.

The new statue of the comic Dave Lee has appeared outside the Marlowe Theatre where he appeared 1,000 times.


  1. New manston offer rejected so the end of gale and manston

    1. All over for Gale? Chances are he was going to win the next election anyway (he hasn't lost any in 31 years), but his efforts to save the airport (even if they fail) will absolutely guarantee him winning... and if you're JW, few voters care about his views on homosexuals getting "married"!

  2. Discussions ongoing with improved offer likely. Don't crack the bubbly yet 6:45. If Ann keeps rejecting offers against the wishes of the people with the power, she will really struggle to get planning.

  3. That's right 7:03 and 7:18 Gale and Manston have been a brilliant success. We need a policr investigation into the costs anf missing monitors and fines.

    1. Of course we do, dear, just try to calm down and don't get yourself over excited. You know you must watch your blood pressure.

  4. How do we get the council to look at compulsory purchase to support the various businesses operating from the airport. Scottish Parliament did that with Prestwick Airport which was sold to Infratil by Stagecoach - funny that !!! Is anyone investigating their relationship, one sells, one buys, expands beyond profitability then wants to close an airfield.


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