Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Does Piet Mondrian look like Homer Simpson and the artist’s battle for a quick likeness

A bit of a diversion on the blogging front today, I personally have had enough of the airport and the politicicos running rings a bunch of newly discovered civil disobedients. The last move being a petition to get compulsory purchase discussed at a council meeting, something I assume would have happened anyway. I am vaguely wondering if I will need to open a branch of my bookshop in Gloagsville. Perhaps the discussion will go something like: "We would like to buy an airport" "How much" "Oh"

With the drizzle I have reverted to sketching from photos and in this case trying to get a very quick likeness of people with pen.

There isn’t really any sure method with this one, you start copying photos of people and after a while you can tell they are people, this progresses to being able to identify, gender, age and so on while getting to being able to identify who the picture is actually of seems miles down the line.

Anyway here are a few attempts for general amusement.

After a fairly long day's work it's back to the painting board 
With Piet Mondrian the colour is important too, the forehead, not only is the blue too thick but actually makes it look smaller

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