Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mondrian and Colour and Spencer Finch: The Skies can't keep their secret @ Turner Contemporary; staggering towards a review and other bank holiday ramblings.

First impressions of the changeover in the upper galleries at Turner Contemporary is wow the early Mondrians, for once Vicky really pulls it off. Here is a real gem you can see the development of Mondrian, the influences of individual impressionists and post impressionists as his style develops.   


‘fraid sauntering down the Yellowbrick Road with Spencer Finch hardly left any impression on my mind in comparison, but fortunately Spencer has allowed photography so here are some pictures.


I didn’t get enough time at the exhibition and will go again soon, 

I went on to buy a few books for my bookshop.

A bookseller note here on classics that have been translated, most of the free or very cheap downloads are translations where the copyright has expired, so the choice is yours you either read the book translated by an academic who has achieved a reasonable likeness to the original. Or you read something translated by a Victorian schoolmaster or clergyman trying to make a bit on the side, who will of course have had to heavily Bowdlerise it for the Victorian market. You may wonder what this would do say to Plato’s Symposium (a homosexual love story) or Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, no best not.      

Then to Broadstairs for a quick sketch, not much good I’m afraid.

The strange Manston story in the Sunday Observer is good for a laugh

Well here is RiverOak’s trading history, follow the archives links on this page then consider what you think they would do with a billion dollar brownfield real estate site. Hey guys let's run an airport??

And oh the £23m loan, well when Infratil wrote off the Manston losses they converted them into a loan, both so that their shareholders wouldn’t get the effect of this all in year and also so they could spread the loss over a number of years as a tax loss against profits.

They then go on to suggest that TDC go on to buy the airport presumably for £ becase us locals have strong emotianl ties with the airport, one wonders what emotion would cost this much.   

How the paper managed to turn this into Ann Gloag effectively paying £23m for the airport god alone knows. If they had Infratil would have certainly mentioned it in their company reports I guess their shareholders would have been pleased.

A few other pictures from my phone

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  1. Interesting Mondrian and Van gogh anniversary next year


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