Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rubbish dumping in Ramsgate and painting on bigger and better paper in Canterbury

Looking at old pictures and postcards of Ramsgate is a bit of a skill

A glance at this one and it looks like an ordinary of the Eastcliff before the Marina Bathing Pool was built. It certainly doesn’t say on the card what’s interesting about it.

Zooming in you can see the demolition of Ramsgate Pier is in progress, which interested me.

This one well, really dumping what looks like slag from the gasworks in the sea, coal tar waste, not nice, not good for the environment.

A few more related to this bit of Ramsgate 

Canterbury for me today and I thought that perhaps the solution to painting in the crypt would be a bigger sheet of paper than my normal pad which is just a little bit smaller than A4. So armed with a proper artist’s A3 watercolour pad about £1 a sheet, which makes me nervous.

So I started another watercolour in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral

I think this one may be better than my last attempt when it gets finished 

And then on to Chocolate Café where I tried the large watercolour paper, the expensive paper on La Trappiste. Where I found that if you rub it with a damp sponge an then dry it with a tissue you can remove most mistakes. This encouraged me to make lots.

So a bit Esherish with tables as big a shops and the end at right angles to the side a few progress pictures.    

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