Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ramsgate Harbour Watercolour from Enoteca Café and some random thoughts

The snow this morning was a bit off-putting, I would like to say I would be first out painting snowscapes but to be honest I wouldn’t know where to begin. The main problem I face in winter is where to paint from.

Ideally this should be somewhere where I can get a comfortable seat in the window with a view of something close enough to paint, that is:- warm, has access to the toilet, where I can get a cuppa and if lunch comes along a sarni. 

Now the main things in Ramsgate that fall into the, make a painting bracket, mostly don’t have this option, and mostly when I paint in Ramsgate during the winter Enoteca Café on Harbour Parade is one of the best options.

So today I slapped on a bit more paint on a painting I started some time ago.

A problem with this view of Ramsgate Harbour is that the boats are not lined up with the pointed bit on one side and the blunt bit on the other – so they look like boats.

What you see is best described as boatish, the Nelson Crescent, Prospect bit is fairly straightforward as the houses appear to be standing upright with the windows facing you.

I painted this bit at the beginning of November

This bit at the end of December

Here are today’s progress pictures  

 One thing that I hope the painting shows is why I don’t usually try to paint from a photo inasmuch as this isn’t so much painting boats as boatishness hoping that the brain of the person looking at the picture turns the boatish squiggles into something that pleases them.  

The middle of the houses is painted like this too, but of course the question always is, how far to go, how much to fill in?

This Victorian view of it shows not a lot of change up there.

More railway books and local books in the bookshop today, see

Mapwise here is the 1822 map, I sell the paper version in my bookshop and there are limits to the size I can publish it on blogger, but if you click on it to expand it and then click again on the expanded version you should be able to see the layout of this part of Georgian Ramsgate.

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