Friday, 17 February 2017

A few pictures of The San Clu, Comfort Inn, St Cloud, Hotel, ‘otel wosisname, the end of Thanet Chat and stuff.

The pictures of The San Clu are really for decoration, nuffin special you understand, I suppose the interesting bit was the fire and here is the link to the article about that

I like a few local pictures before I post to get me in the mood.

In the local social media front the most followed local Facebook group Thanet Chat closed down a couple of days ago, same old – practically impossible to moderate scenario that wiped out the local blogging scene. A shame but what can you do? Possibly a special part of the internet for people who, don’t want to:- sell you something you don’t want to buy, don’t use obscenities as punctuation, don’t want to name and shame. Perhaps some sort of test that would make using this part of the internet like visiting a bookshop.

I am pretty sure that the Waterstone’s in St Margaret’s Street Canterbury is the biggest bookshop in East Kent and it’s closing for good at the end of this week.

In my opinion as a buyer of new books, it had more chance of having something in stock than most new bookshops in Kent.

This won’t leave Canterbury without a Waterstone’s as there is still the one in Rose Lane, however this one is much more café focused whereas the one that is closing was three floors of bookshop and one entirely separate floor of café.

Now I know you are thinking that this is entirely down to the internet where pretty much all of the books you could have bought in there will be cheaper, but the problem – to me a huge problem for Readers, writers and publishers, is that there will now be a huge amount of new books that readers can’t look at before they buy them.

As a secondhand bookseller I don’t have the same fundamental problem that new bookshops have, which is that it isn’t possible to compete with internet prices. On that front I just look up books on Amazon when I price the ones going on the shelves in my bookshop and obviously make mine cheaper.

What happens to the new bookshops I just don’t know – the simple problem is that a shop has to have a profit margin to pay for it to be there and if you can buy most new books online for the same amount that a new bookshop would pay for them then soon there just won’t be any at all.

Here are the books that went out in our bookshop today


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