Monday, 20 February 2017

Ramsgate in 1809

Today in the bookshop has been a mixture of catching up difficult bits of paperwork and in between diving into local history.

Anyway during the Napoleonic Wars which went on roughly from 1800 to 1815 – in books this is Sharpe – Hornblower country and in Ramsgate this is the when and why of a lot of our buildings.

Ramsgate you see was an officer training town with a parade ground where Wellington Crescent would be built between about 1820 and 1830. a lot of the more salubrious but slightly older buildings along the Nelson Sion Albion bit – look at the picture, well they were mostly built to rent out to officers in training. At that time a gentleman often travelled fairly heavy – wife, children, servants, horses, type of wosisname.

Around all of this developed a social life, marry off your daughters to eligible young officers and so on, all par top the development of a seaside holiday resort.

This is from the 1809 guide that I publish a cheap reprint of, see

as far as books that went out, here is Saturday's lot 

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