Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Some old Ramsgate and Margate pictures and a ramble

Just had a look at the local internet which is a – not much going on that we can do anything about that I can see, the Hornby Hobbies visitor centre on the old slipways site has fallen through. I’ve been posting about this site and various plans to develop it since 2010, see

For some reason the result of all of this has been a very messy building site and nothing else, which is bad for Ramsgate.

POW! Thanet's International Women's Day festival Wed 8 - Sat 11 Mar 2017 brings together fifty events over four days across the three main towns of Thanet. This year, their theme Movers and Makers has been chosen especially to tie in with Entangled: Threads & Making which features over 40 international women artists at Turner Contemporary. It’s an impressive looking program, here is the link

I am aiming to get back to Turner Contemporary and have another look at “Entangled: Threads & Making” an exhibition which I am having difficulty with, as it is all women artists this may be because I’m a man, so another go at that one.

If anyone knows of a good independently written review of this exhibition I would be glad if the could post the link in the comments.  

Sorry if some of the pictures are same old – same old, it’s very difficult to remember which ones I have put on here before, putting up local pictures on the internet most days for the last ten years has produced a bit of a memory malfunction.

My day off tomorrow as my bookshop in Ramsgate is closed on Thursdays so although a lot of books have gone out in the shop, best leave it ‘till Friday or Saturday. Here is the link to the pictures of the books

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