Thursday, 2 February 2017

Council to consider selling Westcliffe Hall again, running a lottery as well as spending £3m on the multi story car parks.

This is the old motor museum, hence the photos, I thought this one was going to be Project Motorhouse but as the council are to discuss selling it I am assuming that this has fallen through.

“Westcliffe Hall The decision would be to proceed to market the site. 1.Cabinet 2.Matthew Hill, Head of Asset Management Councillor John Townend, Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates for decision by 09 Mar 17, Non-Key Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information). Cabinet report.”

Last time the council tried to do this, put the site into auction for residential development if I remember rightly, the public outcry was such that the council withdrew it.

It does look to me as though they are trying to get some fairly controversial stuff under the radar at the moment and somehow the local press don’t seem to be picking up on stuff.

The thought of the council running a lottery is an interesting one, I wonder if there would be any winners.

Perhaps it is the absence of fuss by coherent and informed opposition councillors, or perhaps it’s the collapse of the local blogging scene.

Certainly this one has all the makings of another Pleasurama at the other end of Ramsgate. Mind you after years of trying to get across to seemingly intelligent councillors and council officers that the plans to build Pleasurama on a high risk flood zone with no flood risk assessment and next to a worn out 80 year old cliff wall didn’t make sense, so were likely to actually be part of some land banking scheme I have pretty much given up. Obviously a new development there with an expected building life of 100 years would only make sense with a new cliff wall and sea defence that also had an expected life of 100 years. Oh well what do I know?

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