Friday, 10 February 2017

The 1934 Ramsgate Pageant, small scarce guide, and some thoughts on pismronunciation from 1833

Sorry this one isn’t in the books that went on the shelves today as I have just sold it along with the carnival programme I posted yesterday. Pricing pamphlets is a slow business as I keep stopping and reading bits. The life of a bookseller is a bit like that, there is still a pile of them for me to do and I aim to be out paining tomorrow.

Anyway here is the small pageant guide in full.

Another load of railway books went out in my bookshop today  

On to the pismronunciation, vide video if you are lost here  

I suppose back in 1833 with no TV internet telephone a lot of people learnt new words only by reading them, and some of us will remember old people pronouncing bomb as bum or shire as sheer. This isn’t so much a matter of them getting it wrong as the language moving closer to the way it is written over the last 200 years.

Is route said root ro rout, is one american? This little guide should I think shows how the London gentleman would have pronounced words. Or most likely the way Queen Victoria would have said what she said.

OK the changes are fairly subtle and probably dont interest most people whether you say acoustics or acowstics probably says more about history than it does about you, but food for thought.   

I think most of it should be legible if you click on it to enlarge it. 

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